“Packaging is Your Brand on the Shelf”

You might have heard this proverb: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, it might be right for books. But when it comes to packaging, people do judge your product by its cover, i.e. packaging design. And not just your product, packaging design of your product carries a huge responsibility of communicating and contributing to your brand image too. That is why we say; packaging design is your brand on the shelf. At Purple Phase Communications, we understand the precise role packaging design plays in the growth and development of your brand. This sapience is translated in all our work and has made us a leading packaging design company in Mumbai and a disruptive packaging design company in Rajkot.

Packaging Design that Adds to Brand Value

At Purple Phase Communications, we believe in the ideology of Ideate, Create, Amaze. Adhering to this ideology, we create thoughtful packaging design solutions that strike a balance between functional and aesthetic values. Functional values, i.e. print production, protection of the product, cost feasibility, hygiene standards, ease of logistics & storage and convenience of use. And aesthetic values such as color combination, visual outlook, brand communication, emotional connect, product representation, etc. We conduct a thorough study and weigh in each factor concerning its magnitude to create packaging design solutions that add more value not only to the product but also to the brand.

It's said that the first impression is the last impression. This adage proves crucial when consumers make a buying decision based on preference instead of previous experience. At this moment, packaging design becomes a thin line between whether your product ends up in the basket or not. That is why we leverage packaging design as a theatre to narrate stories that engage and amaze consumers.

Packaging Design Solutions We Offer

Every brand is different and caters to a distinct audience. Whether you need packaging design solution for a premium chocolate brand or a household grocery product, a luxury wine bottle or an automobile lubricant can, a flavored juice tetra pack or a gourmet popcorn pouch, we have experience and expertise to deliver personalized solutions. Our team of dynamic individuals understands the nerve of different audiences and the ins and outs of diverse industries. This helps us in offering practical solutions for product package design, label design, boxes, and carton design, bag design and much more.

What Gives Us Competitive Edge Over Others?

The industry is rife with companies offering a bouquet of packaging design solutions. This makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to make the right choice. Thankfully, some research into the credentials of the company, their experience, and a look at their work portfolio can help you in your decision. We have worked on packaging design projects with relatively new businesses to established multinational corporations. This experience has excelled us to become a prominent packaging design company in Mumbai, an edge-above packaging design company in Bangalore and a first-choice packaging design company in Rajkot. Here are some other factors that give us a competitive edge.

#1. Technical Expertise

We have an in-depth understanding of various product materials, packaging materials, and print production techniques. This insight is intrinsic to creating a great packaging design. Because what looks good on cardboard box may lose its charm on polythene pouch. Colors that stand out on the plastic bottle label, will not exude similar charisma on the glass bottle label. Accurate knowledge of this various technical nitty-gritty involved in packaging design enables us to enhance creative transformation.

#2. Experienced Team

At Purple Phase, we have a team of experienced copywriters, graphic designers, art director, and account executive. From research to strategy development and brainstorming to execution, their collective efforts have delivered work that speaks volumes of excellence. The team is further lead by directors who have over two decades of hands-on experience in the industry: their leadership, vision and mentoring guide energy and efforts of the team where it matters the most.

#3. Understanding of Consumer Behaviour

The buying decision is a process that engages emotionally as well as cognitive stimuli. For some products cognitive stimulation plays a significant role in buying decision – these are products which require greater involvement from consumers regarding time, money and efforts; such as a home, car, etc. And for other products, which need lesser participation from consumers, such as candy, soft drink, etc. emotional stimulation works the best. There are also other determinants such as target audience, brand positioning, etc. We know from experience and study of consumer psychology what works best for which products. This gives an upper edge in creating an impactful packaging design.

#4. Creative Vision

Consumers have an infinite number of choices to buy from. The first step to differentiate your product is to separate its packaging design because consumers engage with packaging even before they buy the product. As a growing packaging design company in Bangalore, driven by innovation and creativity, we create a packaging design that marks a unique impression for your product in the minds of consumers. This also helps in creating a better brand recall.

#5. Quick Delivery Cycle

We see to it that as a frontrunner packaging box design company in Mumbai, we deliver as effectively on meeting deadlines as we provide on creative output. Because, if the creative process cannot match pace with the timeframe then the objective of the entire project is compromised. To avoid that, we set short-term goals for each stage of the process, from preparing the first draft to delivering final output.
Anyone can deliver packaging design that works, but at Purple Phase, we provide packaging design that wows! So whether you're looking for a packaging box design company in Mumbai or packaging design company in Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Indore or Surat, we have got what you need.

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