Foundation of every enterprising business is anchored in their ideology. Our ideology drives us to offer unique solutions to client’s problems as well as to contribute innovative and sustainable ideas to the landscape of branding, advertising and design. Our core ideology helps us to define a process through which we create amazing designs as well as communication that make sense to the consumer.

They say, an alchemist has the power to change any substance into precious gold. While he performs the practice, there comes a time when metal or substance turns purple. And this happens just before it transforms to gleaming gold. This ‘Purple Phase’ is metamorphosis in action. We are Purple Phase – a company that transforms your business ideas into valuable creative solutions. We bring together the best of marketing, branding and design solutions and take a fresh new look at advertising. Like the Purple Phase, we help you take the leap that takes your ideas from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And in doing so, every single time, we bring to you a creative solution that’s better, more effective and clearly distinctive from the other.

Buying a product is nothing less than a sensory roller coaster ride. Consumers no longer buy a product; they buy an experience. The colour, the texture, the feel and other aesthetics play a critical role in purchasing a product. We, at Purple Phase, are well-versed with this buying behaviour. Reasons why, we go a step further in creating designs that get them hooked in just one look. With our team of highly experienced designers, we give your brand an identity that seduces the consumer and helps you gain an upper hand in the market.

Good design is a must. But that’s not enough!
That’s why, at Purple Phase, we believe in practicing the ‘whole brain thinking’ approach. In doing so, the team of creative strategists can effortlessly combine their left brain logic with the right brain creativity of the strategic creatives. This seamless combination of the right and left brain thinking helps us come up with extraordinary ideas which give you the perfect mix of strategy and creativity. By means of appropriate research, we build strategies that cover everything – from the tone of marketing to the kind of markets to cover. Reasons why, we don’t just create good designs but ideas that make your business click.

It’s no secret – the right mix makes all the difference. A good ideas is nothing without the dynamics of intelligent marketing. Consumers have grown smarter and are no longer impressed by the straight talk of a regular advertisement. To strike the right note, you need to device innovative mediums that hit the consumers wherever they go. Whether in the gym, or at the mall or at a restaurant, you need to grab their attention in a way that teases yet pleases. With our 360 degree communication approach we help you in finding the right mix for your brand, promising it high visibility and top-of-the-mind recall.

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