About Us

What we do?
We create stories that transform brands and touch consumer's heart & mind!

Purple Phase Communications is a full-service branding, advertising & designing consultation company based at Ahmedabad, India. We seek to empower brands with the power to yield their highest potential. We do it by creating and leveraging sustainable brand values with brand stories that intrigue, excite, shock, dare, inspire, bring a smile, compel to think & act and more than anything touch consumers in a way which alleviates their lives.

What we offer?
Insightful & integrated solutions to inform, educate, and engage audience

We specialize in strategy and creative integrated communications. Having an expert and experienced team of professionals on board, we offer a diverse portfolio of solutions that includes traditional Print Media Solutions, 360 Degree Ad Campaigns, Corporate Identity Development, Packaging Design, POP Branding, Experience Design, Event Theme & Stall Design, Website Design, Corporate Video, and Social Media Branding as a part of our graphic design & brand consultancy services.

We transform your business ideas into valuable creative solutions. And, in doing so, every single time, we bring to you a creative solution that’s better, more effective, and clearly distinctive from others.

Whom we cater to?
Anyone seeking to systematically introduce and evolve their brand

Over the years, Purple Phase has worked with renowned giants and startups. Our solutions are versatile and it has propelled us to serve diverse industries like Food & Beverages, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health Care, Audio Video Production, Events, Manufacturing & Industrial Products, Information Technology and more.

Why we named it "Purple Phase?"

WeThey say an alchemist has the power to change any substance into precious gold. While he performs the practice, there comes a time when the metal or substance turns purple. And this happens just before it transforms to gleaming gold.

This ‘Purple Phase’ is metamorphosis in action. Metamorphosis of yielding one’s highest potential. This is the philosophy we put in practice day in and day out.

Experience makes a big difference

Prerak Shah
MBA Marketing,
Co-founder, Purple Phase Communications

Prerak Shah is a passionate brand consultant and dynamic leader having more than 15 years of insightful industry experience. He is an enterprising branding & strategy consultant with a knack for innovation and precision. Over the years he has produced immaculate work across 360 degree branding platforms, with special focus on innovative marketing, strategy, design and packaging. He doesn’t work for clients; he works with them. This synergy with clients escalates his productivity and further accelerates his ambitions. He is also an active member of BNI, the world's largest business networking organization. Having creative business acumen and deep understanding of various aspects of branding, he has vision to breathe life into any brand communication.

Rikin Shah
MBA Marketing,
Co-founder, Purple Phase Communications

Drawing insights from rich and elaborate experience of working with leading national advertising agencies, Rikin Shah brings excellent strategic and creative edge to the firm. He has powerful business acumen of understanding client’s problem from customer’s standpoint. Over the years he has studied, implemented and mastered constantly evolving dynamics of marketing techniques, consumer behavior and brand innovations.


Team Purple Phase is mix of experienced, imaginative and passionate young visualizers, copywriters, client service executive and brand manager. Abounding with inspiration and enthusiasm, our team offers versatility to take on any project. Having flair for persistently exploring new ideas and experimenting with new technologies, our team propels us at the forefront of constantly changing fabric of branding & marketing.

Thinkers and doers

We have the young team of highly experienced art people with fine arts background, avid copy writers & client servicing executives. So that you get a benefit of a team that knows what to do, when to do and how to do it.

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